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Nick Webb is a world-renowned Strategist, Bestselling Author, and Futurist. His best-selling books include, What Customers Crave, What Customers Hate, The Innovation Mandate, The Healthcare Mandate, Happy Work and Lucid Leadership.

Nick is the CEO of Leader Logic, a Management Consulting Firm that provides Consulting and Training Services to the top brands in the world.

He has been awarded over 40 Patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including one of the world's smallest medical implants.

Nick has served as a Chief Innovation Officer and an Adjunct Professor at the top medical school. Nick was awarded his Doctorate of Humane Letters (hon.) for his contributions in healthcare.

Pablos Holman is a technology futurist, an inventor with more than 70 patents, and one of the most renowned hackers in the world who has a unique ability to solve problems with new technologies. His TED talks, speeches and interviews have over 30 Million views. Pablos isn't just talking about the future, he's building it.


After helping Jeff Bezos start Blue Origin to build spaceships, he invented new technologies with Nathan Myhrvold and Bill Gates. Today, Pablos is leading Deep Future, investing in startups that are implementing science fiction to solve the biggest problems in the world.

Pablos Holman Graphic.png
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